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A Central European Diary:
1-17 November, 1996


(This diary is included as first written in 1996 during the trip--in a compact, stream of consciousness way that I have since given up for greater detail.) 

Why Central Europe? That Austro-Hungarian kind of Europe?

From the time we were born until 1989, the option to visit there was not real. Vienna was available, certainly. Perhaps Czechoslovakia wasn't as daunting as Tito's Yugoslavia, but still very difficult.

The sad neglect of that central piece of European history and culture was institutionally perpetuated all our lives.

Simple curiosity led to cursory research.
Research fomented serious interest.
Interest led to longing.
Longing led to plane reservations to Vienna.

The itinerary was built around great cities to be reached by train. We would study the ways of each city with guidebooks and history books. We could devote only three or so days for each stop. Not enough time, surely, but very do-able.

And done.

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